The Shared Care

Welfare Organization

Strengthening the Maternity Care Provider Workforce


We believe in raising awareness and mobilizing communities to take action about the often overlooked issues related to adolescence and maternal health

Advancing Successful Models of Care


To work for the welfare and rehabilitation of poor patients.To work for community development with a focus particularly on women, children, youth, disabled and aged.Arrangement of recreational programmes intended to keep people away from anti-social activities.To provide free services to the poor,...

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Mobile Reproductive Health Units

Improving equitable access and coverage to health services is a fundamental principle of service delivery, but this would not be complete unless there was a strategy in place to reach the most underserved communities living in difficult-to-reach areas. Unfortunately, despite the impressive gains...

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Patients Supported

TSC Envisions Every Woman has an Opportunity to Enter Safe Motherhood with Equitable Maternity Care

Care Models